Dan Houle

Certified Level-3 Golf instructor through the Titleist performance institute (TPI)

Functional movement screen (FMS) and Y Balance test (YBT) certified through functional movement systems


K-VEST professional and technical adviser

affiliate member - Canadian golf teachers Federation (CGTF)

Since 2010, Dan has worked with hundreds of golfers in the Ottawa-Gatineau region, raising awareness of the importance of fitness and healthy swing mechanics for more enjoyment in golf and reducing the risk of injury.

Dan was one of 600 golf instruction, fitness and medical professionals who attended the recent World Golf Fitness Summit in Orlando, hosted by the Titleist Performance Institute.

Dan designs individualized and integrated movement training, fitness and swing coaching programs for golfers of all ages, which are geared toward greater enjoyment of golf and injury prevention.

Dan has trained in Oceanside, California, and Orlando, Florida, with TPI founders: Dr. Greg Rose and Dave Philips.

Regardless if you want to ask questions about injury prevention or discuss core fitness to support sound mechanics, Dan will gladly help you.