Private instruction programs

Loch March offers various programs for those who want to work on their golf game through the season.


  • Danielle Nadon (bio), 40 Year Member of the PGA of Canada

  • Dan Houle (bio), TPI Certified Level-3 Golf Instructor, K-VEST Technical Adviser and CGTF Affiliate Member

  • Bill Rainboth (bio), Associate Golf Professional, PGA of Canada

private and semi-private golf instruction

Swing instruction focusing on golf swing basics, including grip, alignment, stance and motion. (Les cours sont aussi offerts en français.)

Private instruction cost

  • $95¹ for one private lesson.

  • $240¹ for a 3-lesson package.

  • $385¹ for a 5-lesson package.  

Semi-private instruction cost

  • $200¹ per person for a 3-lesson package.

  • $300¹ per person for a 5-lesson package.

¹HST extra